May 2nd, 2005

D6 System (General) -- "Of course I can do that!"

It may seem obvious, but Skill Bonus is a good way to be assured of a skill result, by supplying a bonus equal to the minimum level of difficulty the character can always accomplish. For example, a professor who will never fail at a Moderate scholar roll might have:

Skill Bonus: World-Renowned Expert (R4), +12 to scholar totals.

That way, even if there are problems with the Wild Die or other low rolls, the character is always guaranteed a Moderate result. Of course, Skill Minimum can accomplish the same thing, if the character has enough dice in scholar. However, the advantage of the system above is that you can guarantee that all characters who have, say, "Skill Bonus: World-Renowned Expert (R4)" will always be able to achieve Moderate results, regardless of their initial skill.