May 31st, 2005

D6 System (General) -- Alternate goals

In our freebie from last Friday, our protagonist tries to delay his opponent by impaling himself on his claws, hoping to slow the enemy enough to allow his friends to show up.

Now, there are entangle and grab rules in the D6 System, but nothing like this. So how did he do it?

There are a few options, but one that more advanced D6 System groups could try is the bargaining option, where the player and gamemaster try to figure out what works best for the scene, coming up with rule mechanics that feel okay for that situation.

For example, in the story the protagonist's player might have said, "Is there any way that I could impale myself on its claws to keep it from getting away?"

The gamemaster replies, "You know that'd hurt, right?"

The player nods. "I know; how about every point of damage it inflicts on me reduces its movement by 1, and increases the difficulty of breaking free by 1?"

The gamemaster hmms. "Well, you'd be stuck together; you wouldn't be able to attack him until you broke free, and he'd keep attacking you."

"That's fine. My friends'll hear this soon; they'll save me. Let's go for it!"

"Okay; go ahead and make a fighting roll to 'hit' his claws with your body."

And so on.

This method can be used in other situations not covered by the rules. For example, if a player is pretending to "help" someone else but actually wants to sabotage the effort, the gamemaster and player might use the "Related Skills" rules only subtract the supplemental bonus instead of adding it.

Bargaining what happens isn't for every group, but it can lead to a freeform excitement that lets everyone think "outside the box" and look at their characters as more than a collection of numbers rigidly bound by the rules.

* * *

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