westendgames (westendgames) wrote,

D6 System (General) -- When Characters Act How Players Don't Want (Part III)

This is possibly our last suggestion for leaving players with some free will for their characters, while making sure the possibility still exists for players to succumb to the gamemaster's social characters. If you haven't collected the first two, run out to the store now to pick them up! . . . No, wait; they're free online, just like this one. Here, try scrolling up. Use the little wheel on your mouse; yeah, that's it. No, that's the right mouse button; the other thing. Right!

<Ahem> You're back? Great. Let's go.

One of the strengths of the D6 System that's rare among other games is the ability to modify a roll after the fact, using Character Points; it makes the game more heroic, and leaves the players with lots of options. One way to work that in, then, is for the gamemaster to let players know ahead of time: "If you fail this roll, you won't be in control of your next action." (The gamemaster might or might not offer any specifics.) That way, if it's important for the player to be in control of the character, he can spend the Character Points to do so. If he normally doesn't mind relinquishing control, but really doesn't want to be at the mercy of Ivan Jumpovacliff, he can use those Character Points in that situation. And if a player doesn't mind in any situations, he can save his Character Points and use them for other rolls (to get out of the trouble relinquishing control will no doubt cause) or to raise his abilities later (perhaps to raise his social skills to make sure he doesn't fall pray to other attempts to take him over).
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